Key features
  • Industrial vision
  • Quality control
  • Made-to-measure systems
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Industrial quality control

VisioFlex places the entire savoir-faire and technology of Capflow at the service of your company's specific needs. You define your needs and we take care of all aspects of the project in close contact with your internal staff. Once the system has been created, we manage and implement the complete integration of our systems on your site, providing suitable training for your staff where required.

Technologies & Skills

Capflow has developed extensive knowledge and skills from its project experience in a variety of fields. These include:

Frame grabbers Analogue cards, camera link, LVDS
Hardware acceleration FPGA + VHDL
Cameras Linear, CCD standard and high resolution Digital high resolution (up to 2048 x 2048 pixels) or high speed (up to 500 fps ), tri-CCD, infrared, ...
Lighting Directional lighting, LEDs, IR
Algorithms Advanced image processing libraries developed by Capflow
Electronics Micro-controllers, DSP, PIC, PCB design

Solution & Integration

Our technical experience enables us to help you with

  • the right technological choices best suited to your requirements
  • appropriate use of the selected technologies

Capflow also regularly collaborates with a network of tried and tested subcontractors.

Integration into your own systems is one of major advantages of a Visioflex solution. Capflow handles the liaison with any subcontractors used totally transparently for you. One single point of contact - clearer dialogue.

Some of our projects

  • Label analysis

    • Ink overflow detection
    • Alignment verification
    • Detection of gluing errors
    Intégration : limited space on the chain. Compensation by using an off-centre viewing angle

  • Precision measurement of small dimension objects

    • Measurement of dimensions and angles
    • Detection of excess material by contour analysis
    Intégration : insertion in a production robot, cohabitation with another vision system

  • Raw material flow analysis

    • presence testing by texture analysis
    Intégration : creation of a portal to support cameras above the carrier band.