Key Features
  • Digital video recording based on IP cameras technology
  • Advanced detection and alert generation
  • Web administration and display via internet/intranet
Documentation (pdf)

Digital Video Recording on IP Network

ViseoxIP is a complete solution of videosurveillance based on the technology of digital IP cameras . An evolutive technology allowing a reduction of the costs of installation and a great flexibility in use. ViseoxIP allows the local and distant consultation by Intranet/Internet. Its simplicity of use grants a direct hand grasp. Flexible, it allies stability, high performance and ease of integration in any IP network existing or dedicated

ViseoxIP can be integrated with the Capflow's intelligent analysis system Flexiguard IVA (see Flexiguard).

Key points

  • Continuous operation 24/7 with no intervention.
  • Notification of alerts and events.
  • Triplex operation: recording, consultation of the histories and remote monitoring simultaneously.
  • Remote administration via a web interface.
  • Selective recording based on motion detection.
  • Remote mosaic display.
  • Compatible WIFI and with any type of network
  • Video streaming.
  • Research of archived videos starting from an alert.

Advanced functions

ViseoxIP allows advanced managing of alarms via e-mail and FTP protocols. I.e. that it uses detectors external or integrated into the cameras to detect the incidents and to generate the alarms sent on IP network .

  • Displacement of the cameras strating from alarms
  • Motion detection on image
  • Recording on alarm with parameter setting of the time of recording before and after alarm.
  • Classification of alarms in a file with advanced functions of research
  • Sending of alerts by e-mails, SMS, MMS, ...

Technical Specifications

Video 4 to 24 IP digital cameras
Compression MJPEG
Image quality Max 1280x1024 (MEGA PIXEL CAMERA) 768x576 (PAL) / 640x480 (NTSC)
Frame rate
25 img/s simult. on max 24 cameras
Hardware / OS IA-32 / Linux
Video storage 120 to 800 GiB
Communications TCP/IP, HTTP (RTSP/TRP)


ViseoxIP is declined in various versions for a better adaptation to extended from your needs, according to the number of cameras dealt with.

Small Business
Designed for small and medium enterprises. Up to 8 cameras.
Ideal for large sites. Up to 24 cameras. On request, possibility of extension of the number of cameras and storage period to meet more important needs.