Key features
  • It can count and classify vehicles
  • It can measure average speeds
  • It can automatically detect road accidents and traffic jams
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Road traffic analysis

FlexiRoad is a road traffic coordination system. It can count and classify vehicles and measure their speed. It is based on video motion tracking. It can automatically detect road accidents and traffic jams.

FlexiRoad has an open structure, which makes it highly compatible with the supervision systems of road traffic regulation centres.


On the road network, you determine the spot where the Flexiroad camera will be placed. Only one camera is needed to control all traffic lanes.

All the information recorded by the camera is sent to the Flexiroad server. The server supervises the whole network and generates high level alarms and statistics.

The system software makes it possible to configurate cameras from a control centre, to monitor the road network in real time and to deal with alarms and statistics.


  • Counting vehicles and measuring average speeds on motorways and main roads.
  • Detecting problems at critical points.
  • Editing statistics on number of lorries.


Flexiroad analyses road traffic by means of :

  • an analysing camera in a (heated) sealed housing
  • a Flexiroad Engine that analyses moving objects on the camera picture. Its softwares can configurate the system and edit reports.

For a multiple spot coordination, you can connect several Flexiroad Engines to the Flexiroad Server Pro. The server can deal with 4 up to 128 cameras.

No additional light is needed, the system works perfectly with existing public lights

Available types

One type is available, Flexiroad Engine Simple. It is convenient for one camera. If you want to coordinate control on several spots, you've got to connect several Flexiroad Engines Simples to a Flexiroad Server Pro.