Key features
  • legionella Pneumophila
  • How to privant the development this bacterium ?
  • Action for public health
  • Quality control solution
  • Customers satisfaction
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Temperature control

FlexiRegul is a software and material solution which controls the temperatures of the hot water produced by the boilers.
This solution is composed of two parts:

  • An electronic module which permanently measures the temperatures recorded at the entries and exits of the boilers
  • • A simple and convivial software which files all the temperatures on a computer connected to the device


Each electronic module can manage up to 3 boilers.
In practice, we place on probe on the departure and the return of each hot water boiler. The module measures and checks permanently the following conditions:

  • The hot water departure is > 60°
  • The hot water return is > 55°
  • If the measured temperatures are < 40°, the module actuates a buzzer warning to inform when central heating is down

The software installed on a personal computer even used for domestic applications allows the instantaneous visualization of all the temperatures measured on the boilers.

Two reports are generated daily:

  • A report recording twice a day the measured temperatures. This in order to answer the legislation in force
  • A report recording every two seconds the measured temperatures report for further analysis


  • Permanent quality control of the water available for the public
  • Prevention against the disease of the legionaries (legionellose)
  • Respet of the legal provisions


The legionellose is an infection caused by bacteria of the Legionella kind. The responsible germ is an alive bacillus in the cold water whose optimal temperature of proliferation ranges between 35 and 40° C. One can find it in all the natural or artificial aquatic environments, in particular in the sanitary facilities (showers, taps…), installations of air-conditioning and coolers , basins and fountains, thermal springs and the producing medical equipment of aerosols. The man is infected by inhaling a contaminated water aerosol. This infection in its most benign form, is similar to a grippal syndrome. However, this disease is in its more dangerous form, called Disease of the Legionaries, and generally occurs at weakened people (prone old,…). The disease of the Legionaries results in a pulmonary infection which can be severe, involving the death in a little more than 15% of the cases.

Prevention of disease

The reduction of the risk related to the legionellose results above all on a good maintenance of the circuits and installations of water, in particular of hot water, and in particular in the establishments of health, the hydropathic establishments and the buildings receiving the public.

This is why it is important to maintain the temperature of water with which the public is in contact in lower part of 25° for cold water, and on the top of 60° for hot water. Thanks to Flexiregul you will control at the same time the quality of the water available for the public by maintaining an ideal temperature of production of hot water.

Moreover, the Flemish area took strict measures relating to the prevention of the disease of the legionellose in spaces accessible to the public. These provisions are contained in the decree of November 22, 2002. Among them, let us note the obligation for these establishments to obtain a temperature of production of hot water of 60° minimum at the exit and a temperature of hot water return of 55° minimum. Although the Walloon provisions are currently less strict, many maintenance companies base their inspection on these criteria. A harmonization of the legal provisions is to be envisaged for the whole belgian territory.