Key Features
Flexiguard DVR
  • Up to 24 video channels digitally recorded simultaneously
  • Advanced detection and alarm systems
  • Internet/intranet administration and browser viewing
Flexiguard IVA
  • Licence plate recognition
  • Person counter
  • Smart detection of intrusion and follow-up of moving objects (tracking)
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Digital Video Recording

Flexiguard is much more sophisticated than a standard digital recording system. It offers high level automatic surveillance. Thanks to advanced picture analysing technology, the system is largely autonomous. It is so simple it can be used straight away. It is so flexible it combines stability with high performance and compatibility.

The Flexiguard solution is distinguished by proposing Flexiguard IVA which gathers advanced functions of intelligent detection of the intrusions and analysis of behaviors (tracking).

Key points

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, fully automatic.
  • Alarms and events via e-mail, SMS, MMS, etc.
  • 4plex operation: recording, local display, consultation of the histories and remote monitoring simultaneously.
  • Remote control via web interface.
  • Selective recording based on motion detection.
  • Mosaic display with automatic switching for local monitoring.
  • Video streaming.

Advanced functions

Flexiguard IVA analyses camera's images to generate alarms (intrusion detection and abnormal behaviour) and statistics (person counter).

  • Combat vandalism and illegal dumping.
  • Crowd detection.
  • Automatic calculation of queue waiting times.
  • Presence information for security services.
  • Frequentation statistics for commercial purposes.

Technical Specifications

Video 1 to 24 PAL / NTSC colour inputs
Monitor VGA / Composite
Compression MJPEG
Image quality 768x576 (PAL) / 640x480 (NTSC)
Frame rate
25 pict/s simult. on max 6 cameras
4 pict/s simult. on max 24 cameras
Hardware / OS IA-32 / Linux
Video storage 40 à 800 GiB
Communications TCP/IP, HTTP (RTSP/TRP)


Two ranges avaible :

Small Business
Designed for small and medium enterprises. Up to 8 cameras. Optional extension of the storage period.
Ideal for large sites. Up to 24 cameras. Possibility of interconnecting several systems to satisfy greater coverage requirements.